Collaboration is key

Bring a bunch of creatives into a small conference room to talk and what do you have? A lively room and a successful IHAF huddle. IHAF, the In-House Agency Forum, facilitates bi-annual huddles to bring together in-house agencies of all shapes and sizes to connect and collaborate about the trials and tribulations of working in-house.

State Farm’s in-house creative services agency facilitated the most recent huddle. With over 180 employees at their in-house agency, they operate much differently than our 12 person team, but that’s not to say we didn’t gain insight from their presentation.

Like many in-house agencies, State Farm works with an outside agency – DDB – to create collaboration-focused culture – and that collaboration also fosters some friendly competition between agencies as both strive to come up with the most creative big idea. They say the competitive nature pushes them to produce their best work. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

DDB noted the importance of a strong relationship between the external and in-house agency. Regardless of which idea is chosen, both teams then collaborate to bring the idea to life – making the ability to support each other vital.

At Team IDEA we partner with McGuffin Creative Group to represent the brand. Whether it be as big of a project as our Best Of event, or as small as office décor, McGuffin and Team IDEA are on the same wavelength. We always have the same overarching goal – representing the brand in the best way possible.

A major perk of working in-house is the ability to have your hands in several different baskets – or should we say departments – but what if the departments don’t reach out to your agency? State Farm brought up a great point at the huddle; why should we wait? Be proactive rather than reactive with these accounts. Don’t wait for the projects to trickle down; seek out opportunities where your services can be helpful.

Looking forward, Team IDEA is excited to continue growing our relationship with McGuffin and putting emphasis on being proactive with our clients. Great huddle, IHAF and State Farm. We’re already looking forward to the next!