Three perks to having an in-house agency

In-house agencies are a gift from the gods. Okay – that might be a little dramatic, but we are pretty neat. All the perks of a creative agency wrapped up in a block of cubes in your very own office. There are many reasons why in-house agencies are an asset, but these three reasons alone might be enough to make any company want to make the leap toward a new era of creative.

  1. We know how to bring the brand to life best


Since we are in-house, our client is our brand – so it’s safe to say we have a pretty comprehensive understanding of the message you are trying to convey.


  1. We are just two cubes away


When working with an outside agency your main daily communication platform is digital; sometimes, it’s your only form of communication. As great as email, Skype and conference calls are, sometimes face-to-face conversations are necessary.


If you’re fortunate enough, your external agency is in the same city as you so you can fit in a few in-person meetings, but when you have an in-house agency, you’re going to be close with its team members – and not just in proximity. Talks by the coffee machine and chats in the kitchenette are bound to happen when you work in the same office, which allows for quick project updates – how convenient!


  1. We make you look like a million bucks without spending a penny


While this isn’t the case for all in-house agencies, Team IDEA is a free service to all departments. Plus, no contracts or other “corporate” processes – What could be better?


Did we miss anything? Let us know why you love working in-house. We’d love to hear what you have to say. Plus, we love reveling in the reasons in-house agencies are great.