Values have value: What Team IDEA values

At the last IHAF Huddle our team attended, the idea of values and their value within an organization were heavily discussed, which got us thinking. Focusing on we know we value bringing car shoppers credible and easy-to-understand information to formulate opinions on what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay for a car – but what does Team IDEA value?

We value collaboration; we aren’t just an agency, we are a team. Together we are able to provide with creative collateral and execute industry-leading events.  Two sets of cubes house 12 people with several different talents from graphic designers to event planners, and together magic is made – that might be a robust claim, but we do work well together with our different skill sets.

We value communication. Our creative process thrives off of constant communication. Whether in person, via our online task organizer or by shooting a quick email, we are always updating each other and our clients – allowing us to create the best work to represent the brand.

Most importantly though, we value relationships. Our team is strong because we trust and depend on each other. Coming into work isn’t a chore when one of your closest friends sits at the next cube. Sitting through an hour long meeting isn’t so bad when you’re bouncing off bizarre ideas in a brainstorm and happy hours are even happier when they are shared with great friends and coworkers.